I’m Natalie! I write pieces on culture, lifestyle, and identity, and I’m interested in how queer identity and culture can intersect with the realms of film/television, music, the internet, wellness, and sex/dating. I’m always looking to expand my inclination towards the personal essay into feature pieces and longform journalism, further growing my knowledge on writing and the topics I lean towards.

I recently graduated with honors in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with minors in English and Communication at George Washington University. I lead the site of Camp Thirlby, a platform for and by young voices that I helped launch last year. Apart from writing myself on the above topics with a Gen Z-oriented lens, I also manage 20 (and counting!) contributors and edit all content for the site, where I discovered my love for uncovering the voices of young, marginalized people and sharing the voices of fellow writers.

I also have a love for words that spans more than journalism, as seen in my current role as a digital advocacy intern at BerlinRosen, my previous social media and copywriting experience, and my academic writing and research that focuses on gender and sexuality. When I’m not writing, you can find me rambling on about astrology (I’m a Gemini sun, Leo moon, and Aquarius rising, if you were curious), going to Trader Joe’s at least three times a week, rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the eighth time, and making yet another Spotify playlist.

If you’re interested in chatting further, follow me on Instagram, connect with me on LinkedIn, or email me at geisel.natalie@gmail.com.


writer and editor