Natalie Geisel

takes on many roles: a full-time student at The George Washington University studying women’s, gender, and sexuality studies; a part-time fashion and culture blogger; a Georgia-native living in DC and beyond; a dancer of 18 years; a queer feminist who makes sure that voice shows throughout her writing.


As someone who constantly has to be stimulated creatively, I have kept myself busy since a young age.

I began dancing since the age of three, and ever since, I’ve allowed myself to expand my creative horizons on many different levels. In middle school, getting dressed in the morning was my greatest excitement, and my love for fashion sprouted. Then, I only connected fashion to the clothes, but now, after some growing up, I realize it to be about identity, about politics, about art. I manifested this passion into a reality when I began my fashion blog in November of 2014, where I was still a 16-year-old girl trying to find her voice. 


Upon coming to GW in the fall of 2016, some things changed and some things remained the same. My blog and social media presence grew, I continued dancing, but my creativity began to dwindle. I had developed an interest in gender and sexuality studies, a major I thought I would never enter, and decided that my creative pursuits expanded beyond art, but also incorporated the politics of identity. Through these revelations, I put this newfound energy in my voice through digital editorial and social media content for my personal brand and for other brands.

To put it simply, my writing focuses on fashion and the many layers it encompasses; music, culture, and queerness and how the topics can dig deeper than surface level; and, most recently, the intersections of wellness and identity politics through my work with The Thirlby and most prominently Camp Thirlby. Through my role as the lead editor of the latter platform, I have discovered a passion for uncovering young, marginalized voices and redefining the youth-centered editorial field to not only be for young people, but also by young people.

My other content creation, which usually exists on Instagram, focuses on fashion, beauty, and its intersections. 

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