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Stop Expecting “Sad Indie Girls” to Be Sad All the Time, on Lithium Magazine, 2021

We’re Not Really Strangers Makes Me Feel Held, on Lithium Magazine, 2021

For Queer, Depressed 20-Somethings, Phoebe Bridgers Is Our Savior, on Lithium Magazine, 2021

‘Thelma’ and the Subversion of the Queer Disabled Monster, on Screen Queens, 2020

Sex Can and Should Be “Gross”, on HALOSCOPE Mag, 2020  

Performing Queerness in the Age of Quarantine, on HALOSCOPE Mag, 2020

give/take, poem published on Lesbians Are Miracles, 2021

Selected stories on Camp Thirlby and The Thirlby, January 2019 — August 2020

Carmen Canedo Grows Into Herself Through Second LP “Know It All”

Camp Thirlby’s Comprehensive Guide to Non-monogamy and Polyamory

The Trials, Tribulations, and Successes of Navigating Queer Online Dating

This Valentine’s Day, Loving Our Queer Identities is Necessary for Our Survival

Willow Rosenberg’s Coming Out Story Still Makes My Lesbian Heart Soar

Friendship is the Driving Force of New Label Oof Records’ First Compilation

Hulu’s High Fidelity Brings a Refreshing, Black and Bisexual Take to the 2000 Classic

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is the Future of Lesbian Film 

Euphoria Tackles Two of the Most Critical Gen Z Issues with Sheer Honesty 

I Need You So Much Closer: The Fleeting Nature of Intimacy

It’s Hairy: My Tricky Relationship with Razors and Femininity

Is Making Playlists My Free Version of Therapy?

Letter from the Editor: Pride Was, and Should Always Be, Anti-racist

A Baby Gay’s Guide to Getting Over Your First Crush

Queer Youtubers Are Changing the Scene of Mainstream Media

Racism as a Marketing Tool: How Fashion Brands Continue to Profit from Stereotypes

Inclusive Sex Education is What Queer Youth need

Camp Thirlby’s Love Letter to Witches

Why Are We Obsessed with Stickers?

Selected articles on Fractured Aesthetic, my former personal fashion/culture blog


Can We Make Big Gay Energy A Thing?

Pride: A Reflection

Janelle Monáe Showed Me What A Queer Space Should Truly Look Like

Japanese Breakfast, the Queen of Bisexual Lighting

Your Favorite Haim Sister is More Accurate Than Your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Why Queer Girl Bands were What My 15-year-old Self Needed


These Scandinavian Instagram Style Icons Are Really onto Something
What’s with My Obsession with Gay Layers?

I’m Excited for Fall for the First Time in Years

My Gay Italian Summer Dream Is Still Calling Me by My Name

My Entire Summer Wardrobe is Filled with Pink

After Four Years of Blogging, I Finally Understand My Queer Personal Style

I Finally Understand Sartorial Uniforms

Selected stories on, August 2017 — August 2018

What Pride Means to LGBTQ+ Students, 5 Decades After Stonewall

3 LGBTQ+ Students on How Their Identities Shape their Style

The No Makeup Makeup Routines that 7 Students Swear By

An Easy Guide to Going Cruelty-Free With Your Beauty Routine

These Are the Vintage Stores in NYC That Keep Me Coming Back

Yes, You Can Wear Your Silk Scarf in the Winter — Here’s How

This Preppy Piece Just Isn’t for Your Internship Anymore


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